Why Do It Yourself?

I personally like experiments and creating things with my hands. But it also takes time and in our fast-paced life we often don’t want to spare precious minutes on creating something we could easily buy in the store. I admit also I have become lazy. This is not necessarily a good thing and taking a step back and looking at the time I have each week I would say there should be enough time for including certain DIY routines into my everyday live. Each week has 168 hours of which I probably use 118 for working, sleeping and eating. So in theory I have 50 hours of free time for some chores but also for other free time activities. How many hours do you have?

When I started making things myself, I thought it is going to require so much time. At the same time, I figured that this way I can save money and do something for the environment by avoiding harmful substances and replacing them with something less aggressive and more sustainable. I like the idea of being in control, knowing each ingredient I work with and in the end looking proudly at the product which I made. Making things myself is rewarding on so many levels that I can only encourage everyone to try. I guarantee for many DIY tricks you already have at least half of the ingredients at home 😊

Still hesitant? Start with something simple – for instance, an exfoliating scrub. All the things you need you most probably have already at home, and it takes literally less than 5 minutes to make!

  1. Sugar
  2. Cold pressed oil(rapeseed/olive)

That’s all you need! The oil-to-sugar ratio should be 1:2-1:4, depending on your preference.

The recipe is as simple as putting let’s say 1 cup of sugar(80g) in a bowl and mixing it with ¼ cup of oil (20ml).

It’s easy, isn’t it? That’s the base recipe. From here you can experiment. I personally like to have more oil because of my dry skin. Thus, my scrub has a ratio of ~1:2 and I add some herbs for fragrance and as a remedy. I will tell more about different herbs soon.


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