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First things first – how Ruska Skincare started.

For many years I was making simple natural skincare for myself – because I have a sensitive skin, like experiments, and do not necessarily trust industrial products. It’s not a secret that you can make beauty products from very basic ingredients, and this way it’s only up to you what will be in there. After moving to Finland, I told my new friends here about my hobby and how the recipes work and got a really good question – “Where do we get these ingredients?” This got me thinking about the origin of the raw materials used and I challenged myself to make skincare using only local ingredients, which haven’t travelled around the world.

After quite a few tests with different ingredients it finally worked, and I gladly started to share this knowledge with my friends and family. The final push towards starting a company however came from my husband who wanted our kitchen back and suggested to get advice on how to turn this idea and hobby into business. It was decided that Ruska Skincare should aim at giving people control over their skincare through transparency regarding recipes and ingredients. The global goal is to increase awareness of the environmental impact and sustainability of the skincare products we use.

Trying to be as sustainable as possible is of course challenging, but it’s also what inspires Ruska Skincare. I managed to develop a few recipes using carefully selected Finnish natural ingredients (local producers, minimal processing, whenever possible – organic), got them tested in the lab in accordance with EU regulations – and now I sell the recipes with ingredients as Do-It-Yourself kits, and ready-made balms for those who are not so keen about DIY. Our commitment to sustainability extends further than just ingredients, we try to use local services and suppliers in the first hand, whether it’s design, IT, or packaging. Talking about the latter, while it was not possible to have everything from Finland (not so much jars’ production here, but at least we get them from Europe), to make it more sustainable we focused on having plastic-free and completely recyclable packaging. It worked surprisingly well, and I hope you will agree that Ruska Skincare products are packed just as nicely as they feel:)


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