The simplicity and beauty of local natural skincare.

We use local natural ingredients to be more sustainable.

It reduces the ecological footprint of our products and embraces the local economy.

Our mission is to encourage everyone to use natural skincare that has only necessary ingredients. Often, it’s just enough to have 3 ingredients such as oil, beeswax and herbs. And surely all these ingredients can be obtained from local producers

We want to share our knowledge with you and hope you will join us on this journey to find more ways to pamper our skin with raw materials from the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

We believe that using ingredients from the nature surrounding us can only benefit us as well as our environment.

I am Rahel and I love things simple and natural.

My story of Ruska began when I started combining my fascination for nature with making my own skincare from natural ingredients.

Having sensitive skin I wanted to control which ingredients I apply to it and to have them 100% natural.

Knowing about local herbs and plants made me wonder if it is possible to make skincare products solely from ingredients that grow where I am. So I started researching, experimenting and discovered the beauty of local skincare.

As I started to share this knowledge with my friends they were amazed by the simplicity of local skincare and it got me thinking that maybe others might be interested as well.


I am Alina and I am a nature enthusiast.

I study Business Administration in Tampere and joined Ruska in April 2021 as an intern in digital marketing, sales and communications.

I am Ksenia and like being outdoors.

I study digital international business in Kouvola and joined Ruska in May 2021 as Pinterest marketing, digital marketing and communications intern.

Learn from nature how to take care of your skin.

We regret to inform you that we have closed our shop. Thank you for supporting us on this journey.
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